Evaluation is a tool that the Junior Branch uses to track their set goals and impact on the organization. In the past, evaluation was conducted using the Junior Branch Self Evaluation Tool (JB SET). Moving forward, the IJB Team has developed a new set of tools that will not only help JBs track their achievements, but also help them set goals and indicators as well as plans of action to ensure that said goals are achieved.

International Junior Branch Self Evaluation Tools (IJB SET)

IJB Year Plan & Evaluation Tool

This tool was made to help the JB plan, share, and track their goals and activities for the year. It is divided into two (2) parts, namely the Year Plan and Year Plan Evaluation. This tool was specifically developed for Local and National JBs to use.

IJB Regional Teams Liaison Tool

This tool serves as a guide for Regional Teams to plan and keep track of their assigned Neighbourhood’s development. This tool was specifically developed for Regional Team Liaisons.

IJB Events Evaluation Guide

This tool has a list of suggestions areas key areas to evaluate an IJB Event. It aims to be used at the end of the IJB Event by facilitators/staff to collect the feedback from participants or stakeholders needed.

Should you have any questions regarding the use of these tools, please contact the Evaluation Specialist at evaluation@ijb.cisv.org.