International Junior Branch Conference

IJBC stands for International Junior Branch Conference, which is held every year* at the end of July and the beginning of August.

*The IJBC format may change in the year of Global Conference and/or International General Meeting.

What happens at IJBC?

IJBC normally lasts 5 nights and is a conference designed to build the attitudes, skills and knowledge of Junior Branch leaders from around the world to help them develop their own local JBs. The conference is the only time during the year where there is an attempt to bring JBers from every country in CISV together, to share ideas experiences and to have training sessions together.

Who attends IJBC?

Anyone is welcome to attend IJBC, yes even (actually, especially) you. The conference is designed for the target group of active Junior Branch leaders. Many National Junior Representatives attend the conference, though there are also participants who do not hold official positions within their JB in attendance. Increasingly IJBC is being planned with a wider and more diverse participant group in mind, thus training and sessions are expanding in their diversity and many more parallel sessions are being held.

How do I know what’s happening during IJBC?

Check out the News Of The IJBC page on Facebook. During the event, you can find pictures, minutes and everything else that is happening at the International Junior Branch Conference.

Conference Resources

Not all sessions, presentations or other types of resources from past IJBCs are available. However, you can find some of the resources from the following International Junior Branch Sessions and Conferences. Enjoy!