Connecting With All CISVers (also known as CWAC) was an online project hosted on Discord in January 2021. The project proved that even during hard times, we all have CISV and people to rely on.

CWAC is an international initiative by 9 JBers from Mexico, Brazil, Ecuador, Lebanon, Portugal, and the Philippines. It aimed to bring together CISVers from all around the world to help lessen the burden of isolation as this project was made during the COVID-19 pandemic.

CWAC was a platform for people to meet their perfect match or “soulmate” with someone who has the same CISV values as them. The participants would answer a form given by the team and through that, the team matched them with a CISVer from another part of the world. It was a three-week project that allowed the pairs to get to know each other and develop a friendship. Through this, the team was be able to build global friendships despite the ongoing pandemic.

The project was very successful as it attracted around 70 pairs (roughly 140 people) from all over the world for three weeks. The CWAC team would post challenges for each pair and hold content sessions at the end of each week to reflect on the week that had passed.

This project proves that we can still be connected to all CISVers even while at distance.

Special thanks to Toti (PRT) for the project write-up!