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EMEAJB Social Media Awareness Project

SMAP or "Social Media Awareness Project" was a monthly project run by the EMEAJB Team from September 2020 to 2021.

The goal of the virtual project was to raise awareness on existing issues relevant to our communities. It was also a way to involve JBers and connect them to each other by using the potential of our online community. For the JBers that created the content, it was a temporary mini-community within the broader JB community as well as a sort of study group on a topic they were all interested in. 

Finally, it was also a way to use our social media platforms as a tool in our peace education work that was aimed at trying to do this without falling into the “virtue signaling” trap. 

Throughout four editions of SMAP, different JBers from the community learned about social justice, eurocentrism, intersectional environmentalism/climate justice and anti-discrimination.

Special thanks to Anna (AUT) for the project write-up!