Introducing the IJB Educational Content Support Line

Stuck on activity planning? No, it’s not just you. Let us help you plan and deliver great Human Rights-related educational activities.

The content of CISV’s educational activities is the very foundation of our organization. Many of us can probably point out a certain activity, or even a certain moment in one, that first inspired us to do, reflect and act upon the issues raised in these settings.

The educational content is also part of the Vision adopted by CISV International on the first Global Conference.

While the experiences gained through a great activity can influence one’s thoughts and actions for years to come, it is rarely an easy process getting there. Any good activity requires some planning. In some cases, the facilitator might even have to do some research to gain further knowledge on a topic. And even if both research and planning are done well, the outcomes might vary: The age of participants, group size and the setting in which an activity takes place are all parameters that have an impact on the outcome and that should be taken into consideration. Creating a good activity that will benefit all participants is therefore not an easy process, and sometimes you simply get stuck along the way or even have trouble getting started. No, it’s not just you – from local Junior Branch activities to national trainings or international conferences, I dare say all facilitators run into struggles of planning from time to time.

In previous years, the Educational Content Specialist on the International Junior Branch Team would have spent most of their time on the series of content activities we’ve come to know: Right on, Branch out, Stand up or Dig in. With this cycle completed, I’ve tried to explore new ideas of how to:

  1. Promote the number and quality of educational activities in both Junior Branch and on all local and national levels of CISV.
  2. Bridge the gap between the local Junior Branches and the International Junior Branch.
  3. Develop a user friendly tool to enable Junior Branch, Chapters and participants in International Programs to utilise experienced CISVers’ skills, and promote a culture of learning and sharing of knowledge in CISV.

The challenge of planning activities is perhaps one of the main impediments to increasing the number of educational activities, which is why the previous projects have proven successful. This might apply especially to people who are on the verge of taking on responsibilities for the first time within the CISV. Planning and running your first local Junior Branch activity can be intimidating. In response to this, the International Junior Branch Team now launches the Educational Content Support Line.

The idea is simple. Whether you’re almost done and just struggling with how to wrap up a discussion, or you’re very passionate about a topic that you’d want to turn into an activity, you can now ask for help! Most importantly, it’s accessible and open for anyone to use.

Just go to the IJB Facebook page (link: and click the “Send Message” button to start the process:

After a few initial questions on your idea, you will be connected directly to someone with vast experience of activity planning. If you only have a few questions that you would like input on, the Facebook messenger might suffice. Otherwise, it is always possible to book an online planning meeting. Excited? Why not head over to the IJB page and try it out, or have a look at the fabulous skits performed by the IJB Team displaying situations where they would turn to the Educational Content Support Line!

I’m looking forward to hearing from you over the Support Line! ?

Anton Ruus, Educational Content Specialist

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